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Strength of JMD Media and Research, Superior concept and design is rooted in remarkable selection.


Welcome to our world

Message from our Senior Executive.

Over 30 years of retail marketing experience in different part of the country, we are now coming into advertising sector.

JMD Media and Research has adopted "curio." as the slogan that best embodies our corporate philosophy. Curiosity is the fuel of our identity. We believe this slogan will guide our business in the domain and beyond with knowledge and skills.

We know it is a challenge to find the right agency which understands you as well as your brand.We also admit, it isn't a joy ride. But when it comes to giving you our best, we do not leave any stone unturned.

Greatness isn't decided by fate. It's decided by the amount of effort we put into finding it.

Bringing a legacy to life.

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Pyramid Pyramid Pyramid

Our Vision is to make a difference through our innovations and help our clients run their businesses better. We aspire to be the best media and research company in the world and are dedicated to providing cutting edge innovations and solutions for the future.


Our mission is to achieve our aims in an environment of honesty, transparency and courtesy towards our clients, employees and vendors.

Burj khalifa

At JMD Media and Research we recognize Core Values as a common thread among ourselves. It is our attribute that goes beyond our innovation and gives us a coherent identity. Core Values are integral part of our culture and we treat them as our second religion. It is this collective culture that helps us bring a fundamentally different Brand of Attitude to our customers, partners, vendors and ourselves. It is one of the biggest reasons for us to be proud of what we do at JMD Media and Research.

Our Team

We believe that ideas are created by teams, not individuals. We challenge our teams every day to get faster and smarter and to support and encourage each other throughout the process because at the end of the day, it is the team score that matters.

Core Capabilitis

Core Capabilitis
Core Capabilitis

Branding building a brand, defining a brand, positioning your
company's brand, brand management, brand consulting.
Creative Campaign planning, Newspaper ads, Magazine ads,
graphic ads, Concept Development,
Digital all non printing online advertising/campaigns, Concep Creation, Design development, implementation & monitor.
Corporate Communication managing internal and external communication, corporate social communication
Sales Promotion plan creation, employee engagement drive Research advertising surveys; advertising effect measurement, consumer research and market research

  • Internet, News paper, Magazine, advertisingDesign management and outdoor advertising

  • Advertising research (market research and analysis, advertising surveys,online & offline both)

  • Branding & Employee engagement

  • All other work connected with the above
Core Capabilitis

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